In this ongoing series of portraits, started in 2020, I aim to promote body neutrality by showing, with natural, ethical and intimate pictures, that beauty goes beyond the narrow beauty standards and aesthetic canons.

The main goal of this project is to empower individuals to recognize the beauty in themselves and to level up the perception of their self worth, by creating a safe space where I promote acceptance and visibility for all

bodies, supporting a better body image environment.

With this project I want to show how easy it is to think of not falling within the beauty regulations, to feeling like an outcast and the steps that people like my models took to understand that they are more than a


It is the essence of their inner self that becomes visible in their gaze, expression, and attitude that support their uniqueness and beauty. Actually, this is what makes each of them amazing and shows that the body is only a part of their identity which is defined by their

spirit and inner self.