2021 – ONGOING

I WON’T LET YOU LEAVE MY LOVE BEHIND is a multimedia installation dedicated to my father, who passed away in 2021.It is well known that art has the cathartic capacity to transcend reality —even the most atrocious one— but the ways in which it does are perpetually surprising. I wanted to work precisely on this element of transcendence and transformation of the terrible reality I was experiencing. While documenting the stories and memories of those who loved and knew my father, I try to capture their emotions through intimate portraits and recordings, inviting therefore the viewers to reflect on the complex process of grief. The core meaning of this multimedia installation goes beyond sharing with the public private stories about my father, but rather showing an echo of his presence through this chorus of voices that becomes the testimony of his past and recent life. I present a single image of my father, printed through the ambrotype technique, a photographic process used to impress the image on glass. Using glass as a material, I wanted to emphasize the metaphor of the fragility and evanescence of memory. Memory is what remains after death, it is not stable and strictly subjective, but what matters is the trace one has left in other’s people lives.