This project was born from my collaboration with Marco Agostinelli, Italian artist and director, in the filming of the documentary “Kaarisilta – The Angels of Art”.
The documentary was shot at Kaarisilta, a Finnish Art and Activity Center for disabled people located near Lahti.
During the two week shoot I had the opportunity to document the different activities offered by the school, from painting, music, theater to sports activities.
I have made sincere ties with the students, especially through music, as I play the guitar myself.
This allowed me to follow them, discover their talents, but above all to live in the warmth of their souls.

Thanks to Kaarisilta, these people who are often left on the margins of society build a strong, social and artistic community. In fact, the students also have the opportunity to exhibit and sell their works in a gallery owned by Kaarisilta in Helsinki, a place where anyone can marvel at the works of these special artists.

This documentation aims to inform of the existence of the possibilities of these realities.