Pathways to Liberty:A collection of Queer Voices(2020/ongoing) aims to help giving visibility to the Queer community.
It is in fact a tribute to the strong personal stories behind the different personalities.
Each of them, in its uniqueness, deals with common themes such as acceptance, sexuality and free expression, the one that often goes beyond accepted social norms.
I let my subjects speak for themselves without placing a narrative filter between them and the public.

This results in a more intimate and honest relationship between them and those who watch and listen to their stories.

Recognising the enormous efforts towards the acceptance of oneself, of one’s own body, when the world besides us does not accept us, I see in these people a useful source of inspiration for everyone to celebrate.

“Pathways to Liberty: A collection of Queer Voices” is a shout out for acceptance and understanding, a tribute to joy, lightheartedness and free expression..


“I always changed the way I dressed to avoid being catcalled. Because the clothes I wear inside my house are so different from the ones that I wear outside. I have so many tight high socks and mini skirts and tight corset tops and I would never wear them outside because I don’t want people to look at my titties and my ass while I’m just trying to do grocery or so. I had grey braids and then I went bold when I was still living with my mom, so when I was still in high school. It was a pretty accepting environment and pretty diverse as well. My second high school is in Rotterdam. So not that much changed since I finally moved to Rotterdam except being around more people that feel the same way I do.”


“I remember once I entered in this book store, it was a catholic book store. And I found this book about sexuality, and actually there was a positive view on homosexuality from the writer. I think  the first coming out I ever had was by email to the writer of this book, saying that I was gay and that I was appreciating he not necessarily having a negative look on homosexuality. ”


“The first and last relationship I ever had was with a boy in third grade. It lasted a week and he broke it off because he liked the other girl who he was also in a relationship with, better. The following years I’d have crushes on boys but never any desire to turn it into anything. Things change for me the moment I’m fully aware of what it means to marry someone. Well, what it means to marry a man as that’s all I know. I recognise that it’s unappealing to me. I can’t put my finger on it just yet but whatever my future holds for me, marriage won’t be a part of it.”


“I remember always being fluid about who I was, scared about it at the same time. I didn’t know anyone to reach out to, anyone in the same situation or likewise situation. And this is where I created my own female universe. Already at a very young age.Every night my bedsheets formed a ballgown around my silhouette as if I was Cinderella. Just like her, with a limited amount of time until the spell broke.”


“Fragile, that’s the word that would describe me the best. I didn’t really have a peaceful childhood, I saw and experienced things as a kid that I shouldn’t have witnessed. At a young age I needed to switch roles with my Mother and become a parental figure. I was trying to take care of her and working towards a stable and happy way of living for the both of us.”