I remember always being fluid about who I was, scared about it at the same time.

I didn’t know anyone to reach out to, anyone in the same situation or likewise situation.

And this is where I created my own female omniverse.

Already at a very young age.

Every night my bedsheets formed a ballgown around my silhouette as if I was Cinderella. Just like her…with a limited amount of time until the spell broke.

Just to get a taste of what could be…

If I was a princess in a Disney movie I would strive to be Belle.

Yet all this time Sleeping Beauty.

The guys that first made me feel small and stupid in the beginning of high school quickly came to the realisation that there was no reason to hate me and that I befriended all the beautiful girls inside and out, including myself.

The girls offered me a safe space as I did to them.

They grew up to be gorgeous women.

Back in primary school when we went to camp, we had a so called Bonte avond, like a playbackshow.

Me and three friends performed When I Grow Up by The Pussycat Dolls.

I convinced the guy and two other girls to switch sex just like me so that I could be Nicole Scherzinger with balloon breasts and a long black wig. The teacher didn’t want me to make the chores that “vulgair”… but you should take the chances if you’re getting them right.

It takes commitment to remain true to yourself. But if u do and you never give up on dear life, you start to love yourself unconditionally. Life can be hard, but you can be harder. Every unfortunate event doesn’t shed your skin, it thickens it.

You only have one life… so do you boo!

It’s the moment to take time for yourself now. You will be loved and if u feel like the world won’t…I will.